4 Benefits of Delta-8

Those already familiar with the wide variety of cannabinoids and its mental and physical benefits may ask- why Delta 8? What effects is it known for and how can I incorporate them into my daily routines? Delta 8 isn’t a “new” cannabinoid by any means, and is the fourth most frequently researched cannabinoid, though more research on long term effects would be beneficial to greater understanding of cannabinoids. Nevertheless, it can still be difficult for new users of Delta 8 to understand its differences and nuances. To help explain Delta 8 THC, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite benefits. 


Relaxation With Clarity

Delta 8 THC promotes deep relaxation. Delta 8 binds to CB1 receptors in our bodies, which helps our endocannabinoid systems to regulate anxiety and depression. These anxiolytic properties help relieve symptoms of anxiety, leading to a greater sense of calm. Our favorite part about Delta 8’s ability to promote relaxation is that users have reported feeling uplifted, and less drowsy or foggy as they might with some Delta 9 products, or in some instances even CBD products. Users report feeling deeply relaxed, while still being able to maintain mental clarity. 


Try a moderate dose of Delta 8 before a relaxing but mentally stimulating task like journaling or reading. 


Increased Appetite

Delta 8 is also known for stimulating appetites, which is helpful for those suffering from weight loss due to illnesses or recovery. A 2004 study on mice showed a reversal of weight loss when treated with Delta 8 THC, which differed in results from those given Delta 9 THC, demonstrating that doses od Delta 8, particularly in consistent and small to moderate doses can help the treatment of certain weight disorders. Even if a weight disorder may not be the case, we personally find that the heightened appetite and senses make eating and drinking even more enjoyable.  


Try hosting a dinner party while serving Delta 8 edibles as a fun pre-appetizer (start with low doses, especially for beginners) for a particularly satisfying meal


Enhanced Mood

Delta 8 is most readily compared to Delta 9 with its euphoric, mood-enhancing properties. In other words, Delta 8 can induce a psychoactive “high” that’s similar to what one might expect from a traditional Delta 9 THC product, but without the paranoia or anxiety that can result. This benefit is perhaps the primary reason for why Delta 8 products have enjoyed a recent rise in popularity. 


Try Delta 8 as a substitute for wherever and whenever you may already be consuming Delta 9- watching movies, spending time with friends, or listening to music. 


Pain Relief

Delta 8 has proven to be an effective, naturally occurring pain reliever. Thanks to antiemetic (treats nausea) and analgesic (treats overall pain) properties, Delta 8 has shown to help regulate peripheral and central nervous systems to alleviate pain- particularly inflammatory pain. 


Try Delta 8 as a means to treat inflammatory pain like aching joints and muscles. We even recommend trying Delta 8 post-workout.   

In conclusion, there are tremendous mental and physical benefits of Delta 8. Used in the right dosages and with intention, Delta 8 can help unlock more functional and balanced states.